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OneDown is an iOS app designed for true cruciverablists, or crossword lovers.

With 42 exclusive puzzles and over 1,500 clues, spanning everything from art to zoology, OneDown is a love letter to a simple yet timeless pastime.

Finding a crossword app with high-quality puzzles and no country-specific spellings or knowledge is surprisingly difficult. That is how OneDown was born.

Crafted with care from scratch, the app features three puzzle types to satisfy all audiences: 15x15 Themed Puzzles, 13x13 General Puzzles, and 5x5 Quick Puzzles.

With clues of varying difficulty, expect a challenging yet fair experience that rewards patience as you work through the seven puzzle packs. Clues can be shared with friends, and if all else fails, you can cheat letters or words to give yourself a boost.

OneDown is available now on the App Store.

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